Oh snap, the deadline to apply as a vendor for the largest biannual craft event in town is upon us: applications are due at the stroke of midnight for the May 12 edition of Crafty Wonderland, which draws hordes—HORDES—of visitors to the Convention Center for its pre-holiday and spring "Super Colossal" sales. The events typically feature over 200 vendors, but competition to participate is notoriously fierce, so take whirl through the submission tip page before you send anything.

Meanwhile, the Crafty Wonderland brick 'n' mortar (a poster child for the success of the downtown pop-up shop initiative, although I'm keeping my eye on Boys' Fort, which has been making cryptic threats of returning later this spring on their FB page) has officially moved up one door from their original location on SW 10th, to 808 SW 10th, and they're swinging open the doors on Saturday, March 24 for a grand opening featuring donuts, coffee, and 20% off storewide from noon-4 pm.

Bigger, better.
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  • Bigger, better.