Impress your friends* with the easiest DIY ever. Honestly, the hardest part of this craft project is stealing the paint chips from the hardware store. If you went to second grade and know how to use tape and scissors, this will be a piece of cake.

*if your friends are easily impressed.

What You’ll Need:
Paint swatches, scissors, tape or glue, an empty frame, 1" x 1" paper square, and plain white background paper that fits your frame (mine is 8" x 10").


Step 1:
Cut 1inx1in out of your paint swatches. Measure your swatches by using the 1inx1in white guide square.


Step 2:
Line up your swatches by color.


Step 3:
Start to lay the swatches out on your plain white background paper.


Step 4:
Once you have most of the swatches laid out, go back and start to glue or tape them down (I am using double sided tape).


Step 5:
The white accent shape. I added a heart to the final product. You can do whatever shape you choose, but a heart is easy, and it’s vastly more original than a bird.