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CatPaint App: For only 99 cents you can download a magical app on your Iphone called CatPaint, which allows you to add pictures of adorable kitties to any existing photo in your library. I must give a shoutout to Sarah Radcliffe of Yo Vintage!, if I didn’t follow her on Instagram I probably never would have found CatPaint. Adding cats to your pictures instantly makes them hilarious, and there is also a laser feature, which allows you to shoot laser beams from the cats eyeballs. Download here.

Cats in Space
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  • Cats in Space

Rill Rill’s Goddess Headpiece: Perfect for your summer music festival adventures, this headpiece is made from 7 strands of 18k gold disc chains. A very similar style has been rocked by boho queen Nicole Richie, but you can get the look for less and from local lovely Katie Freedle here.

Rill Rill’s Goddess Headpiece
  • Rill Rill
  • Rill Rill’s Goddess Headpiece

Boho Babe Nicole Richie
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Lux Hippie Blog: Local model and vegan darling Mandi Kremer spills her favorite vegan recipes, street style shots, and fashion tips on her blog. Peanut Butter Banana Cookies anyone? Yum! Her recipes are her own creation and most of them are super easy and even more delicious. Kremer also dishes about her travels abroad, including jaunts to Tibet, Paris, and Spain. Check it out here.

Ms. Kremer
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  • Ms. Kremer

Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookies
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  • Vegan Peanut Butter Banana Oatmeal Cookies

Rachel Antonoff Benitez Dress at Frances May: Super cute for spring/summer this dress can easily go from day to night with a few great accessories and an effortless summer wedge (I love the Common Projects Open Wedge also at Frances May) The back of the dress is such a showstopper, with criss cross straps and an open back it screams sexy, but definitely still sweet. Get the look here.

Betches Love This Blog: From their about me page “If you could combine the hotness of Kate Moss with the wit of Chelsea Handler, and the fuck-off vibe of Anna Wintour, you would have yourself the ultimate betch.” This blog will keep you lol’ing for hours, I was turned on to it last week and now I’m totes addicted. Betches Love This keeps you up to date on the latest gossip, how to guides (i.e. How To: Pretend to Know About Wine, and How To: Judge a Bro by his Cover) and betches of the week. Scope it here, you know you want to.

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