On Saturday, April 28 (that's a change from its earlier stated date on April 29), Portland Sewing will launch the eight designers graduating from its comprehensive Fashion Forward program. The show will feature Fall 2012 collections from Bryce Black and Joshua Buck, both collaborators with Portland Sewing founder Sharon K Blair's own line, Studio SKB.

As for the eight graduates, they are all new names on the local scene. In the next couple weeks I'll be able to share small previews of the work that will be shown, but for now Blair has released their names and the names of their collections along with two-word summations of what they are producing. So, off to Google I went.

Womenswear designers:

1. Vanessa Lambert, La Vie Celebre: "Sweet Anthropologie"

I found her Etsy! It had no items :(

2. Lisa Silveira, Wandering Muse: "Italian knitwear"

She teaches at Portland Sewing, and has industry experience working with firms from Nike to WeMa. Her bio on the Portland Sewing web site reads:

One of Lisa Silveira's greatest passions is travel, from which she draws much inspiration. In 2005 she spent 4 months in Florence, Italy studying silk painting, batik, jewelry design, oil painting, and the ways of Italian fashion and “La Bella Figura”, a way of life emphasizing beauty, good image, aesthetics and proper behavior. It was here that Lisa developed her passion for Italian fashion, knitwear and textiles. In 2007 she graduated with a bachelor’s in apparel design from the Art Institute of Portland. Shortly after Lisa ventured back to Florence, Italy to intern with a Florentine fashion designer. She is now a contract designer for a local Portland fashion label as well as designer for her upcoming Italian inspired knitwear line.

3. Hillary Christen, Time Stands Still: "Club clothes"

She's on Model Mayhem, and apparently already graduated from FIDM!

4. Laura Longenecker, Abyssal Animals: "Cycling commuters"

She has an inspiration blog featuring everyone from Justin Bieber to plus-sized models.

5. Karen Davis, Karen Davis: "Upscale/Mercantile"

She has a line called TILDA jane, but images are scarce.

Menswear designers:

6. Joshua Landry, Jahn Thursday: "Club clothes"

Uh, potentially goes by the nickname "Sailor Josh"?

7. Keely DiPietro, Taruc: "Mainline menswear"

She's a model! Moreover, she's a model used frequently by Studio SKB. She's splashed all over their web site.

8. Mark Stoelk, Provide. Protect. Persevere.: "Mario's chic"

Has a line called Von Stoelk. His Twitter is locked.

Okay guys, you win. I guess you really are new on the Portland scene. Can't wait to see what you and your designs are made of!