Yesterday I wondered about "How to Talk to Girls presents PINO," part of the menswear portion of the April 21 fashion show featuring the new Isaac Hers collection. I was told the website was still in development, and I was given an email. Lo and behold, Crispin Argento, who I happen know, was on the other side of it with an answer:

To Talk To Girls is a side project wardrobe/style consulting project that I started recently and PINO is a menswear line that I started in 2011. Initially, I am hitting the ground with men's accessories: ties, bow ties, and pocket squares (belts, suspenders, etc. after the show). I plan to do the same for A/W 2012 and if all goes well launch a full-line come S/S 2013. I decided to incorporate How To Talk To Girls because I am using other designers, both local and national brands, to support the accessories line, so it is partly a fashion line, partly a styling runway show.

To answer some of your questions, I am the designer. Yes, it is out of Portland, designed in Portland, made in Portland. Unfortunately, I don't have enough time right now to produce a lookbook, so I haven't any photos to share.

So an answer is all we get for now. For the visual piece you'll just have to show up.