The past few seasons one trend has remained on top: Nails! Ranging from claw-shaped mitts, neon colors, to pretty patterns, nails are an easy and affordable way to change up your look. Sometimes my hands are steady enough to attempt the DIY looks, but most of the time I take my crazy ideas to my trusted mani magic maker Kim at Lace Salon. I’ve scoured the web to find a few of my favorite emerging looks, and here’s what I came up with:

Via Pinterest:

Meow Mani: Try your hand at this kitty cat mani, it looks like you need black, white, and neon green polish (a pen style might be easier to work with) and a toothpick.

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Lilac and Gold half moon nails: Get step-by-step instructions here. All you need to complete this look are reinforcement stickers (like you’d put on your notebook paper) and lilac and gold polish, shown here are Essie’s Lilacism, and Opi’s Glitzerland shades.

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Outer Space Nails: Get this far-out DIY style here. This look is a process to achieve but the results are totally worth it. For this look you’ll need your favorite dark blue or black polish for a base, a couple metallic shades, and a glittery polish to get that starry night effect.


Via The Beauty Department:

The Beauty Department is one of my go-to beauty blogs, with in-depth how-tos on all the latest trends in makeup, hair, and nails. Hills alum Lauren Conrad is one of the co-founders along with her team of trusted beauty junkies, and this site chronicles what’s next in all things glam and girly. Their mani Monday posts are super cute, here’s a couple of my favorites.

Rarr! Find out how to get this cheetah print nail pattern here.

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Polka dot party, click here for instructions on how to make your own nail dotting tool.