• Root Whole Body

A continuation of a yoga-class sampler series, where I flit about town using my Passport to Prana card ($30 for over two dozen individual yoga classes around town).

I think it's been established that I'm a slacker, right? We all know this truth to be self-evident. Actually, I was on vacay and gone for a bit, but my Yoga Pu-Pu Platter series continues with a wee review of a hatha class at Root Whole Body (2526 NE 15th). The space is lovely and well appointed with glass doors all along the wall of the yoga studio that open when the weather is not trying to drown every citizen of the Pacific Northwest. Root has a nice locker room with showers, towels, and also a co-ed, clothing-mandatory sauna that you're invited to use before or after yoga classes. I've had a massage there in the past and the waiting area is a cozy and delightful little nest beyond the sauna, complete with warmables like tea. To the yoga class: There was a new instructor for the mostly full class on a weekday night, and she was mellow and welcoming. I'm used to hatha classes being a little more laidback and gentle than vinyasa, but in this class we held poses for long stretches, almost like a yin class. It started to get a tad uncomfortable and then the instructor would ease off, transitioning us to new poses. Overall, it felt really good and she came around the room at several points when our eyes were closed to mist us with various spritzes, like we were cats she was trying to train to keep off the kitchen counters. I kid—whatever concoction she was spraying on our faces smelled lovely, although one has to wonder how all those hyper-sensitive-to-perfume people were feeling. I've always been particularly pleased by the various yoga instructors I've encountered at Root, they're challenging and and knowledgeable. It was a 75-minute class that went 15 minutes over, so I was hauling ass to get out of there on time—rushing to stuff my face with my man at Laurelhurst Market (sweet, sweet MercPerk)—so I didn't enjoy the sauna, but I've soaked in its splendor before. It's well worth a visit.

Next week: The Movement Center (that bizarre building behind the Tonic Lounge on NE Sandy, where I'm pretty sure they're brainwashing Jane Eyre to learn the way of the yogi). I can't wait for this one! I've been meaning to go there for years!