The ombré trend has been a staple among celebs, fashionistas, and stylestalkers for the past couple of seasons, but “chalking” is a fresh spin on the ombré obsession. I found this recipe for fun pastel pretty hair on my fave beauty blog the beauty department. All you need are soft pastels found at most art stores (locally I’d check Utrecht or Blick) but make sure they are indeed soft chalk pastels, not pastel oils because that would be a disaster! The brand I used is called Schmincke, and worked great, the beauty department recommends Senellier- either or will do. Last week while visiting home in Eastern Washington, I set out to the one art store in town and grabbed the prettiest seafoam green, and brightest cobalt blue I could find. My mother thought I was going to make some artwork, and was rather miffed when I explained I was going to put these colors in my mop. Alas, I set out on my experiment with high hopes because I’ve always wanted to take the plunge of really dying my hair a crazy color, but have never gone through with it. Here are the step-by-step instructions on how to achieve your own ombré look:







1. Schmincke soft pastels = your hair can be any color in the rainbow for a day.
2. Grab your colors, and make sure to wear a towel or smock of some kind to protect your clothes. Also I’d lay a towel down in the bathroom, the chalk dust tends to get everywhere.
3. Section off the part of your hair where you’d like to color. I only did a chunk on my left side but you can do the tips all the way around, or just a few pieces.
4. I use a piece of toilet paper or a paper towel in between my hair and my hand so the chalk can fully be absorbed into your locks. You will get some on your hand but don’t worry it washes right off.
5. Twist the section of hair you want to color and rub the chalk downwards almost like you are painting it. Make sure to get the underneath and put extra on the ends to really have the color pop.
6. I used three different shades, including my Kevin.Murphy colorbug in pink to achieve this My Little Pony inspired do’, but the sky is the limit you can try sticking to just one color, a tie-dye look, or a couple of varying shades in the same color family. It looks awesome if you put a few colors on one strand too!

*If you have darker hair you can put a spritz of water on the ends before chalking, if you have blonde, or light brown don’t use water at all, redheads try without water first, as it will hold to your hair like dye if you get it wet. (use water with caution!)
**Be careful with what outfit you wear, try and pick something in the same color that you are using, I definitely wouldn’t rock my favorite white tee after chalking. Color does dust off but it’s nothing a rinse through the washing machine can’t fix.
***Brush as much color as you can out before showering. Make sure you shampoo and condition your hair with extra care after chalking, it sucks a lot of the moisture out, so don’t do it too often. I’ve done this twice now and the color seemed to come out just fine.