Spring (cleaning) is all about getting rid of stuff that you don't wear anymore, and there is an event coming up that will encourage you to do just that, plus pick up some things you actually will wear. The Alley 33 Clothing Swap at the Secret Society on April 15th promises to be the biggest clothing swap in the NW, with separate sections for women, men, and plus sizes. Just bring $5 and a bag of clothes (or two, or five) and you're in! There is a bag-for-bag policy, (bring five bags, leave with five bags) a cash bar, and it's all ages. The event is from 12-4PM and all proceeds will benefit the second annual Alley 33 Fashion Event. (Full disclosure: I am on the Alley 33 board and the backstage manager for the show.)

As of press time there were over 260 people confirmed on the Facebook invite, and the more people that go the more clothes there will be to choose from, so start cleaning out those closets!!!

  • Beth Olson