In the upcoming weeks, I'll be using a variety of items chosen from SCRAP on which to base a series of DIY projects. SCRAP is a local store filled with extremely low-priced reclaimed arts and crafts supplies. Inspired by creative reuse and sustainable behavior, SCRAP saved 115 TONS of materials from the waste stream just within the last year. That’s about 23 elephants' worth. Not only does SCRAP sell low-priced supplies, but they accept donations of all that old (what you think is) crap you have lying around the house. They turn that crap into SCRAP! Seriously, isn’t that the most genius recycling job ever?

For yourself or your child, this is a fun DIY that takes the flower crowns that fall apart in 10 minutes, and keeps them together to grace your summer hair all day long. I have seen these in stores for around $30—mine cost $2.50 using supplies from SCRAP. You do the math, or have your kid do the math, cause it's pretty easy.

Step One: You'll need fabric, fake flowers, scissors, and glue (preferably of the "hot" variety).


Step Two: Cut three long thin pieces of the fabric and tie them together on one end. Tightly braid the fabric, and tie the ends together using your head for measurement. This will serve as the headband of your flower crown.


Step Three: Start gluing the flowers on. Try to glue the stems of the flowers into the folds of the braid, this will help them hold.


Step Four: Go find some sunshine.