In an ongoing series, I'm using a variety of items chosen from SCRAP on which to base a series of DIY projects. SCRAP is a local store filled with extremely low-priced reclaimed arts and crafts supplies. Inspired by creative reuse and sustainable behavior, SCRAP saved 115 TONS of materials from the waste stream just within the last year. That’s about 23 elephants' worth. Not only does SCRAP sell low-priced supplies, but they accept donations of all that old (what you think is) crap you have lying around the house. They turn that crap into SCRAP! Seriously, isn’t that the most genius recycling job ever?

I'm always on the hunt for a great jewelry box that doesn't take up a lot of space, and doesn't play music or feature a spinning ballerina when you open it (remember those?). If you're experiencing the same problem, here is a fairly simple—and very effective—solution. The best part? This SCRAP-sponsored DIY only cost me six bucks.

Step One: You will need a wood box or frame, hot glue, cup hooks, mat or cork board, and some fabric.


Step Two: Cover the board with your fabric. It's better to glue on the back of the mat board, it will look neater in the end.


Step Three: Glue the fabric covered board into the box.


Step Four: Start screwing in your screws. You can really put them wherever, it's nice to have them on the bottom and on the sides so you can hang longer necklaces.


Step Five: Voilà! Hang and hang!