Starting May 15th, I will be embarking on a 21-day group cleanse with Better Forever, a holistic health center headed by Jeanne Kennedy Crosby D.C. that specializes in chiropractic, applied kinesiology, and clinical nutrition services. The last time I did a cleanse was when I was 19 years old and straightedge vegan, so it really was not that much of a stretch from my normal routine. Now, more than a decade later, I am not straightedge or vegan, and I have put my body through its fair share of crappy food and all-night drinking fests.

This 21-day detoxifying cleanse includes four weekly classes for education and support while you complete the program, cleansing and nourishing supplement products to support liver, kidney, lymph, and digestive tract cleansing and healing, protein shake mix (this will be especially helpful in the first 10 days, when the only food allowed is fresh fruit and vegetables), and daily e-mail support, all for $275. Participants from the last group cleanse reported weight loss, clear and glowing skin, and increased energy.

I do realize that I could do a cleanse on my own without a class, but I like the idea of having a trained professional's guidance and support during a cleanse this long, and also a group of people (one of them being Jeanne, who also participates in the cleanse) to commiserate with about all the food that I will be craving but can't have. I have been a patient of Jeanne's for many years, and anytime I go to her with some kind of ailment I always come out feeling like a million bucks, so I am definitely looking forward to this cleanse because I know I will see and feel the results.

For more information and to register e-mail Jeanne here.

Jeannes lunch from Day 8 of the cleanse consisting of baked sweat potato, arugula, carrots, and zucchini
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  • Jeanne's lunch from Day 8 of the cleanse, consisting of baked sweet potato, arugula, carrots, and zucchini.