It's always exciting when we have the chance to debut a brand new line at our annual spring fashion show, as in the case of Shadow Sisters. A design trio composed of Sarah Gottesdiener, Nancy Shevlin, and Laura das Liebe, their collective experience includes roles in the worlds of music, fine art, and graphic design. On any given day you might encounter each of them wearing their other hats: Shevlin as a third-year apparel fashion student at the Art Institute, das Liebe running her Galerie Salome, and Gottesdiener making footwear and apparel prints and graphics for Nike's Global Running category. When these women go out at night, they've always got major visual impact, so we're really looking forward to what they come up with—boredom beware. Especially when they have local personalities like Miracles Club front woman Honey Owens on runway duty:

And check out an in-progress design for a scarf that will be featured during Shadow Sisters' set at Saturday's show: