Sure, perhaps the whole people as commodities friends as accessories analogy is a bit reductive. However, I could not help but notice: These folks make each other look good.

Case in point: This group of gentleman. Two pairs of horn-rimmed specs, vintage denim, and old school kicks all around up the hot factor by a bajillion.


Initially, I stopped this pair to ask about that killer trench (it's Margiela via Odessa) and that clutch (it's vintage via San Francisco) but was charmed by the pair's sweet demeanor. Look at those smiles!


This babe's combination of a breton-stripe shirt with a menswear overcoat intrigued me. Very Anna Karina-chic. Kind of like her haircut, which was freshly coiffed by friend Jodi of The National Beauty.


Apparently, all those mushy gushy, heart-melting friend vibes don't just boost your mood, they boost your outfit.