Bopping by Deco to Disco after brunch was a welcome shopping surprise. The unassuming door front led me to believe it was mostly filled with antique knick-knacks and musty furniture. Wrong-O. Tucked in the far corner of the store is section of vintage clothing gems including super soft tees, hippie garb, and kooky accessories. Stop by the shop next time you're in the mood for thrifting.

Here are my favorite finds of the day:

vintage tulle lilac gown

white eyelet crop

vintage beaded bag

gay 90s run tee

these boots are made for walkin

save energy do it with the lights on tee

leppy scarf

tan cowboy boots

Lilac gown - $65

Donald tee - $10

Eyelet crop top - $14

Vintage beaded bag - $22

Gay 90’s run tee - $18

Red cowboy boots size 6.5 - $42

Save energy do it with the lights off tee - $12

Leopard scarf - $12.50

Tan cowboy boots size 6 - $22