Breaking news for all you Yo Vintage lovers out there, our favorite local vintage vixen Sarah Radcliffe is taking the online shop to the Blackbox retail space. (Note online will totes be available to those not lucky enough to live here) Neighboring Solestruck, Isaac Hers, Dunderdon, Blackbird, and Tanner Goods; Yo Vintage! will continue to stock hard to find vintage, as well as local lines like AK Vintage, Seaecho, Houseline, Made on the Moon and hopefully more. In addition Yo will carry cute trinkets under $50 bucks, nail varnishes, candles, and other oddities. Word on the street is the new shop will open in early June. This Blackbox has sure turned out to be bad for my pocketbook, but unbelievably awesome for my closet. More deets to come, and don’t worry you know I’ll keep you posted on grand opening shenans.