In an ongoing series, I'm using a variety of items chosen from SCRAP on which to base a series of DIY projects. SCRAP is a local store filled with extremely low-priced reclaimed arts and crafts supplies. Inspired by creative reuse and sustainable behavior, SCRAP saved 115 TONS of materials from the waste stream just within the last year. That’s about 23 elephants' worth. Not only does SCRAP sell low-priced supplies, but they accept donations of all that old (what you think is) crap you have lying around the house. They turn that crap into SCRAP! Seriously, isn’t that the most genius recycling job ever?

Now that summer is here (yeah, been saying that for weeks), it's time to decorate that otherwise boring backyard of yours. Here's just the thing to spruce up that space.

For this little craft, I am using some cutouts from SCRAP's new product line. The sticker decals would also work (all from recycled materials, of course). With all sorts of shapes and prints, the stickers and cutouts—along with many more crafting goods—can be found for sale in the SCRAP Boutique.

Step One: Supplies. You will need heavy weight paper, scissors, glue, fancy paper, ribbon, tape, and some pretty add-ons.


Step Two: Cut out your triangles. These will be strung across the ribbon, and they will have your letters and shapes on them. So make enough to say what you want, and make them big enough to fit your fancy. Just make sure they are all of the same size, duh.


Step Three: Place your letters and your cut outs onto the triangles, just to get the layout you want.


Step Four: Glue.


Step Five: Tape the flags onto the ribbon. Make sure they are evenly spaced, with no tape hanging over, etc. Just use those little common sense crafting rules you learned in kindergarten.


Step Six: Hang!