Nicholas Wilson has been causing a certain amount of buzz around Portland's fashion industry this year. It's not just because he's a hotshot photographer whose clients include Solestruck, Bridge & Burn, Bryce Black, Holly Stalder, Isaac Hers and Yo Vintage!—it's because he's got a client list that long already and he's still very young. How young? Let's just say he went to prom last weekend.

As for next weekend, Stalder's home base, Haunt, is hosting an opening reception on Friday June 1 (7-9 pm) for a month-long exhibition of his photography—his first public show, ever! If you'd like to shake hands with one of Portland's true up-and-comers, you should probably show up!

Self-portrait. Something tells me hes popular at school.
  • Nicholas Wilson
  • Self-portrait. Something tells me he's popular at school.