• Pure Simple Juice

From Gwyneth, Nicole Richie, to Beyonce, all the svelte celebs have been spotted with their trendy glass bottles full of colorful concoctions. Before you have to be bikini bod ready, you may want to try a juice cleanses to get rid of any bloat, and kick start your diet. Enter local juice company Pure Simple Juice, who offers cleanse packages for either 3 or 5 days. All of their juice is freshly squeezed and ready to pick up in the morning, or can be delivered for a small additional cost. My friend recently completed the 3 day cleanse, and she said the juices were super tasty, and that Pure even sends encouraging e-mails each morning of your cleanse!

The spring 2012 cleanse package includes:
Per Day, One 16-ounce bottle of each freshly pressed juice:
• + Carrot plus
• + Green juice
• + Green lemonade
• + Almond milk
• + Kombucha (fermented tea)
• + 1 quart Veggie Miso broth (bone broth optional)
• + Herbal tea
• + Handouts on what do before, during and after the cleanse

Get all the deets here, and happy juicing!