I spent part of yesterday's muggy, overcast afternoon grazing along E Burnside's eclectic shops. In lieu of the bustle and shmooze of First Friday, I waited until then to check out the Nicholas Wilson photo show at Haunt, up through the end of the month. On a mission to buy a giant cube of French soap (wrapped up with paper and string), I also stepped into Nationale, where I was pleasantly greeted by Rikki Rothenberg's large works of glitter on paper. Some textual signs and some that resemble military camouflage, Rothenberg's artist's statement on the show (called "Goodbye, Rikki. Goodbye, Rikki.") says that many of the pieces are inspired by dreams as well self-portraiture and the corporeal influence of being one of the founders of experimental dance troupe Woolly Mammoth Comes to Dinner.


During the month of the exhibit there will be two performances at the shop, including a June 8 performance with all three founders of Woolly (7 pm, $3, free for members). Then on June 23, Seattle dancer Allie Hankins will perform an excerpt from her solo piece Like a Sun That Pours Forth Light but Never Warmth, a blend of self-examination and the roles played by Vaslav Nijinsky.

Meanwhile, next door at Stand Up Comedy, they've officially announced the expansion I previewed. They've also foregone their signage in favor of launching a new artist residency program wherein their signage will be created by a rotating mix of artists, starting with a flag design by Harsh Patel. They've also become an official ticket seller for Yale Union (YU), and to celebrate all these things, orders through July 1 will come with one of these.