I'm going to jump in the river on Wednesday. It's for a video shoot, and it's the Willamette, right in the middle of the goddamn city, but for all that it will still mark my first river dip of the season. And it shall not be the last, dammit! Not this time (I'm looking at you, mediocre summers of '10 and '09). Whether you're headed to natural, chlorinated, or salted bodies of water this year, I've rounded up a selection of swimwear for men and women:

Lille Boutique is running a sale on their selection of Eberjay suits, offering 20% off for a limited time. Sale ends Thursday, so run over (or online) to take advantage if one of them strikes your fancy.

Eberjays Boho Beautiful Charlie Maillot available in black at Lille
  • Eberjay
  • Eberjay's Boho Beautiful Charlie Maillot available in black at Lille

Blackbird offers gents an entree to the never-dying popularity of nautical summer stripes with these slightly preppy trunks from Obey that are street enough for margaritas on the patio, too.

More options for men at The Woodlands include these solid-color trunks from Penfield (in case you're not a stripe man) also available in navy and a sunny yellow:

Lest the ladies be jealous of the men's stripes, the unusual dual-straps on this suit from the newly opened brick 'n' mortar version of Yo Vintage! adds a unique and sexy detail to a classic—wear it with the outer straps hanging over your shoulders for a little sex kitten vibe.

Beyond the bathing suit, the spring collection from Hazel Cox is especially suited (ha!) to pair well with beachwear this year, from her signature fan earrings in bright colors to the uni-sex rope bracelets (again: so nautical), both available at Rad Summer:

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