Since when can one of Portland's most beautiful showrooms and workshop collectives be found almost directly under the Fremont Bridge?

Since six weeks ago, apparently. The new Beam & Anchor (2710 N Interstate Ave) offers everything from custom furniture to really rad pocket knives to apothecary to artwork... and hosts the workshops of many of the featured artists/artisans directly above the retail space. Driving or walking or riding the yellow line by the limited signage, one might think (at least, I thought) the tiny building housed either a couple of cars or a very small bar, but inside is a palpably creative center for these resident "makers" to work and share with the lucky public that takes the time to investigate. The shop is magically lit through old windows facing N Interstate and the train yards of the Eastside Industrial District, while plants and dark colors warm the space and showcase the almost exclusively earthy colors of Beam & Anchor's wares. I find most similarly-priced (think high) shops in town to be at least a little intimidating, but stumbling into this diamond-in-the-rough (at least in terms of location) was less a timid venture than an exciting discovery. It's a really beautiful place with lots of really cool stuff, and no free side of pretension on the proverbial menu.

And in even better news...
They're having an art opening tonight! What better way to investigate the new space by enjoying artwork by Katherine Decker and Jocelyn Rahm, cocktails provided by New Deal, and probably lots of really nice people? The party runs from 5:30 to 8... Check it out guys. 'Cause I said so.

Beam & Anchor is open from 11am-6pm Tuesday-Saturday and 12pm-5pm Sunday.

Beam & Anchors Beautiful New Storefront