Living in Portland during the summer is just like living on a college campus. Stand anywhere near the city center on a sunny day and sooner or later a ramshackle cabal of people in varying states of costume and/or nudity will trundle by on foot or bike or art car, hooting, hollering, and/or blasting retro music on a boombox in the name of thematic irony. Add another one to the schedule: Lulu's Vintage is hosting its annual Hat Parade on Saturday, June 30, beginning with a meet-up at the store at noon for last minute hat shopping (obviously you can wear a hat you already have but leave your baseball caps at home, please) and departure scheduled for 1 pm. The parade will feature stops at local hat stores and refreshments, and more than likely high fiving with participants of the one or more Pedalpalooza rides you'll surely cross paths with.

Keep it weird, people.
  • Lulu's Vintage
  • Keep it weird, people.