Summer is officially here (according to the calender anyway) and I have two goals, to read more and to spend as much time outdoors as possible. Luckily I can combine these two activities, preferably in Laurelhurst Park or the beach on Sauvie's Island. I like my reading to be well rounded; books I can learn from, books with pretty pictures, and books that will take me to a faraway land. The following summer reading list will (hopefully) achieve all my criteria:

"Overdressed: The Shockingly High Cost of Cheap Fashion" by Elizabeth Cline
"Overdressed" delves into America's (and the world's) cheap clothing obsession and what it means to our society, our economy, and our environment. It also chronicles Cline's journey from a typical consuming American shopper to a more enlightened one. This book will probably tell me a lot of what I already know along with some facts that will make me cringe and want to burn down every Forever 21 in Portland.

"Naked Fashion: The New Sustainable Fashion Revolution" by Safia Minney
"Naked Fashion" features designers and creatives from all over the world—including photographers, models, illustrators, actors, and journalists—talking about what they are doing differently to make fashion more sustainable. This will be a good read after "Overdressed" as it will reaffirm my faith in both the clothing industry and humanity.

"Tommy Roberts: Mr. Freedom: British Design Hero" by Paul Gorman
This book chronicles the designer Tommy Roberts, who was at the apex of 1960's British fashion and dressed rock legends such as David Bowie, Mick Jagger, Jimi Hendrix, and Elton John. It touches on all of the various shops he's opened throughout the decades and serves as a visual encyclopedia of his work, including archival and previously unpublished images. This one I am super excited to sink my teeth into, as it will satisfy both the fashion enthusiast and the music nerd in me.

"Wild: From Lost to Found on the Pacific Crest Trail" by Cheryl Strayed
"Wild" describes the amazing journey of Cheryl Strayed as she hikes alone on the Pacific Crest Trail, starting in the Mojave Desert and ending 1100 miles later in Washington. The sudden death of her mother from cancer and her divorce lead her to the hike, and feeling like she had nothing to lose she decided to try and figure out what she should do next by taking this long trek alone. I am looking forward to this one because it's always interesting to learn about the lengths people will go to to "find themselves." I would definitely not go that far, but I am interested to read her story and find out how the experience changed her.

"Wanderlust: A Love Affair with Five Continents" by Elisabeth Eaves
"Wanderlust" documents Eaves' travel over 15 years through 5 continents. It describes her love affairs and what it means to be an independent woman who is not tied down by social conventions. This one is definitely a drinking and laying on the beach kind of book, or so it seems to be to me.

All of these books can bought at Powell's Books. Happy Reading!!!!!