I made it through the second week of the cleanse!!! It was definitely harder than the first, and I think the third week will be hardest of all. It's the same thing as when you make a New Year's resolution, and you're gung-ho about it when you start it, but then a little while into it you want to go back to your old habits because it's easier. Even though it is getting increasingly difficult as time goes on, I am sticking with it, it's all about keeping your eye on the prize.

I had some good days and some bad days. The bad days involved me being in bed because I was too dizzy to stand-up for any length of time, but I am blaming that on my normal PMS bullshit. The good days are still really good, I have tons of energy and am really clear-headed.

I was able to add chicken and fish on the 11th day, which has helped things a lot. I have been less imaginative with recipes because I have been so busy, and I have not been taking many pictures because as soon as the food is ready I scarf it down because I am so freaking famished. Last night I was in a junk food mood so we had turkey burgers using lettuce as the bun with sweet potato chips. It did the trick, and sweet potato chips will be a new staple of mine even after the cleanse is over.

All in all I am still having a really positive experience with the cleanse. I am looking forward to seeing how I feel once it's over, and what the impact will be when I start adding in the foods I have not been allowed to eat.

My stir-fry acheived Zen. Hopefully I will too.