Good news for fans of the independently designed collections of lingerie carried at Lille Boutique, and for fans of those fans: Store favorite Only Hearts is headed out to Portland for a two-days trunk show with co-designer Kaya Stuart in tow—her partner is her mother, Helena Stuart, who started the New York company over 30 years ago with a heart-theme shop where she sold "gifts, antique jewelry, folk art, etc." that featured the symbol, eventually evolving it into a clothing line that reflects her feminine, layered aesthetic.

  • Only Hearts

On Friday July 20 and Saturday July 21, Lille will feature the brand of "inner outerwear," which Kaya explains as "this idea of layering season-less bits of silk and lace. It’s really the basis of the way we dress and the way we think about dressing. What’s underneath, what’s closest to your body, is meant to show a little."