Specialty boutique and art gallery Nationale is collaborating with the Hollywood Theater's Sound & Vision Festival to present New Skin for the Old Ceremony, a program of 11 short films celebrating Leonard Cohen, tonight! The films, curated by Lorca Cohen and Darin Klein, will start at 8 pm at the Hollywood, and will be followed by three duets of local musicians paying tribute to Cohen. The lineup: Neal Morgan with Robin Pecknold, Katie Bernstein with John Gnorski, and Davis Hooker with Laurel Knapp.

Nationale, which sells sells a whole assortment of products including art, jewelry, soaps, books and vinyl records, is sort of a unicorn among boutiques in that their contribution to the arts reaches far beyond the scope of retail. As owner May Juliette Barruel states on their website, they are "dedicated to the bridging of different cultures, to the stimulation of new ideas, and to the promotion of the arts through exhibitions, performances and a selection of carefully chosen goods."

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