I rarely write about men’s fashion because, let’s be real, I am way too obsessed with platform heels, feathers, and sequins. But I can offer a little bit of advice on what not to wear if you’re looking to graduate to a more polished look:

Put down the cargo shorts. I repeat, put the cargo shorts down. I feel like they are just never going to go away. When I see a bro out rocking those terrible multi-pocketed things I just wonder what is in those pockets and why are there so many? I’m not against guys wearing shorts but just keep the silhouette slim and get the right fit for your frame.

Friends dont let friends wear cargo shorts
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  • Friends don't let friends wear cargo shorts

Any kind of shirt that reflects the Ed Hardy design aesthetic is an automatic disqualifier. This means nothing with swirly designs, tigers, or any kind of “tattoo like” scribble. When in doubt, reach for a classic white t-shirt. It’s a no-brainer that looks great when kept simple and paired with crisp, dark denim.

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If you must wear flip-flops make sure those hooves aren’t looking crusty. I don’t mind the nice leather looking ones from Rainbow, or something similar. You can’t go wrong with squeaky-clean sneakers either.

Sweatpants are not outerwear unless they are Alexander Wang, and I don’t want to see you out in public in sweaties.

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Denim is a dude staple, but don’t go wrong with awkward fading and that bleachy looking style. Opt for a classic pair that can be worn every day for any occasion. I’d recommend splurging on one pair that will last forever and only get better with age. A.P.C. and Wings +Horns make great guy-approved jeans that are def worth the price.

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Sinclair Shorts Charcoal

Basis short sleeve t-shirt
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  • Basis short sleeve t-shirt

Common Projects shell toe high

A. Wang does it right
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  • A. Wang does it right

Wings + Horns selvedge raw denim