The weather was fantastic for Saturday's Alley 33 show on SE Hawthorne, where a good crowd gathered to see the designs of over 20 Portland designers, a healthy mix of familiar and new names that at 117 looks kept boredom at bay with its sheer variety, from swimwear to menswear. Photographed by Sarah Giffrow, here are a handful of looks from designers that particularly stood out:

Carolyn Hart is a name I've heard around on the scene, but I haven't had a very good handle on her work. I'll definitely perk up when I hear it next time she shows a collection, with pieces like what is probably the most cheerful summer maxi dress in town:

I knew previously of Silvania, the family fabric business with one foot in Peru, but Alley was my first glimpse of it on a runway. The patterns are beautiful, and the silhouettes are easy and feminine.

Swimwear by Allihalla was a new one to me, boasting a variety of swimwear moods, from colorful stripes to color blocking and animal prints.

J. Calderon with Himanshu Suri of Das Racist. Yeah, that Das Racist. Tito Chowdhury of Portland Fashion Week, who is from Bangladesh, was standing next to me during this portion of the show and said it reminded him of what the dudes were wearing back home, but I think it looks mighty fine stateside, where it reads as avant garde but not too intimidatingly so.

The retro-inspired Jitterbuggin' was sure to please in a town with a vintage fetish as strong as Portland's but this lobster-print two-piece was maybe the most talked about look of the entire event: