In continuing my tour of new(ish) stores around town, I took a trip to Lowell, a vintage/locally crafted furniture, clothing, and art store at 819 N Russell. I have to say, my favorite part of this MOD Blog gig is finding cool, eclectic stores like this one, which is filled with outsider art, handmade pottery, Navajo textiles, and some awesome one-of-a-kind fixtures like an antique dental cabinet that has like a hundred drawers. The selection of clothing and accessories is pretty small, but includes some great finds, including some vintage Ferragamos, and a few new Hetterson sweaters (wrong season but worth stocking up now).

The owners, real life adorable couple Dino Matt and Maya Rose had been wanting to open a store for years since moving to Portland and realizing "[there are] a lot of people here who love the kinds of things we're excited about and who are making great things by hand," Rose explains. When they found the perfect location they knew they had to jump on the opportunity.

Check out some of the goods:

Antique dental cabinet
  • Antique dental cabinet

Hetterson sweaters and vintage cowboy hat
  • Hetterson sweaters and vintage cowboy hat

Navajo blanket
  • Navajo blanket

Vintage Ferragamos
  • Vintage Ferragamos

Shelf of knick-knacks
  • Shelf of knick-knacks