If you have not gazed upon the beauty that is a Finsk shoe I suggest that you immediately do so. Online images are great, but to truly appreciate their amazingness I highly recommend seeing them in person, and luckily that is not too hard in Portland as our very own Solestruck Flagship store often carries them when they come out with new styles, as is currently the case, and they have told me they will have a Finsk display up this week.

The crazy and awesome designs of Finsk come from the mind of Finnish born and London based designer Julia Lundsten:

With an architect father and interior designer mother, Lundsten has cultivated an eye for design, clearly reflected in her work. Some of her biggest inspirations have derived from architecture, including buildings and furniture details as well as structures found in nature. Likening a shoe to a chair, Lundsten views the heel and sole as the chair legs, with the upper, the seat.

Lundsten's unique, modern designs are avant-garde yet supremely wearable. She cleverly uses contrasting leathers and wooden sculptured heels to create design masterpieces. The natural beauty of locally sourced materials is a significant component of each collection, each pair of shoes being handcrafted in an atelier in Brazil. The production process is as ethical as possible and all leathers used in Lundsten's designs are by-products of other industries.

To look at these shoes, you might say to yourself, "Yes they are amazing, but how the fuck do you walk in them?" Well it is possible, and I have first hand experience as I was able to try on a pair at the Solestruck grand opening party. I was even slightly tipsy and was able to navigate myself just fine.

Like most artful things, Finsk shoes will set you back quite a bit (they go up to $999,) but maybe if you just came into some money, or if you don't give a shit about your credit and charge them (I don't condone this) or if you save up for a while, you can own a pair all to yourself. Think of it as an investment. Also think about how fucking awesome you will look while wearing them.

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