Like so many other things, store closures tend to happen in clumps. And so on the heels of IDOM's disappearance comes this missive from Isaac Hers' Barbara Seipp:

It is with mixed emotions that I announce the closure of Isaac Hers. I have been in this business for 6 years and have truly loved all the amazing customers and industry people I have met. Also, during this time I have had a couple of awesome kids and watched them grow and develop from babies to young boys. Over the past couple of years work has crept increasingly into my family time, and it is only because I have such a supportive and loving husband that I have been able to work 6 days/week. Having said that, as my children have gotten older, their needs have changed, and the schedule I have been working is no longer workable or prudent for my family. I will certainly miss the store and my customers, but it is important for me to put family first right now. As for the Isaac Hers collection, it is on hold for at least six months. During this time, I will evaluate which projects fit into my personal schedule. I (personally) am not going away or retiring, I am just resetting and reprioritizing. In the meantime, there will be killer sales at the store! Starting Saturday August 11th everything will be at least 50% off!! The exact closing date is not set, but expect final closure to be around mid-September. I want to thank the fashion community, the press and all my beautiful customers for all the amazing times and support. It means the world to me. Please come by and see all of us before we close.

Knowing Barbara, I believe her when she says she's not going away. She has far too much drive and creative energy to leave the design scene entirely. This also opens up a pretty sexy opportunity for some lucky retailer out there to snatch up some of that Blackbox real estate.
Seipp and family.
  • Seipp and family.