Yes, you read that right. The world's first ever Christian Fashion Week has been born and will take place on February 8th and 9th of next year. If you are scratching your head like I was when I first read about this and wondering what the hell (sorry I couldn't resist) this is all about here is part of their press release:

The two-day event will feature local and international designers presented with a challenge to design fashion lines that promote and respect stylish moderation instead of sexuality and excess. In spite of the values represented by the event, don’t expect a “religious” atmosphere. The Christian Fashion Week team encourages attendees to expect high fashion and an electric night of music, style, and plenty of swag.

There will also be a women's only swimsuit segment, meaning that only women will be allowed in the audience for this portion of the show, which I am confused by because Christian women wear swimsuits to coed beaches and pools right?

I have a lot of mixed feelings about this. At first I wanted to think that CFW was stupid and no designer in their right mind would ever participate in something like this, but then I went through their website and decided that I am surprised that this wasn't done sooner. You know those commercials that come on late at night advertising Christian rock CDs? Ever look at how many people are in the audiences when they show the bands playing live? A LOT. Obviously there is a market out there for people who think the mainstream stuff (music, clothing, etc.) is too risque. The website does not have any designers listed yet, but their marketing shows women wearing what some people would consider to be high fashion, and they insist that this event will be high fashion and not just about religion. I will be following CFW to see out it turns out, because really I can't judge it until it actually happens.