Assuming you're a resident of this city, when was the last time you went to Saturday Market, not counting times you were showing tourists around? For me it's been... I can't even remember how many years, including two during which I was practically living at it, in an apartment on SW 2nd and Ankeny. (However, I did visit the Market's holiday pop-up shop at the Galleria on several occasions.)

The outdoor market that has become synonymous with crowds, driftwood birdhouses, and elephant ears is doing something interesting on September 20. For what appears to be the first time ever, they are extracting the vendors who work in apparel and accessory design, moving them across the river and off the waterfront, and featuring them in a fashion show that's on a Thursday, of all things.


The show is concentrated on 12 of the markets contributors: The Darras, Amy Wing, Bella Sisters, Cygnet Silks & Imix Jewelry, Amy Dotts, Mugwump, Hap People & red Wizard Arts, Maru Silks, Shabby Knapsack, Vanishing Tribe, Yed Omi Jewelry and Flood Clothing. I'm only familiar with a small handful of those names, and even though I am 80% convinced it will be a Burning Man nightmare, I cannot resist the prospect of seeing something new. More importantly, I think it's a good thing that the Market is making moves toward the population of its own city. The pop-up was an opportunity for natives to shop the goods without having to fight the crowds and hoopla, and I see this event as a similar overture. Not only will it extract whatever offerings best suit the indie design niche, but it might pique the interest of new designers who can potentially round out the Market's offerings and get fat off some of that tourism dough. The show will take place Thursday Sept 20 at the Bossanova, 8 pm, $15-20.