It’s no secret that nails are one of the hottest trends the past couple of seasons. From crazy DIY geometric shapes, neon colors, to claw like kitty nails, anything goes. Changing up your polish is fun, affordable, and such a statement. The top shades to turn to in the upcoming months are definitely black, charcoal grey, blood red, deep violets, and metallics. Check out a few of the looks I’m currently lusting over:



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1. Inverted triangle design fresh from Lace Salon on my own mitts. You can try it at home by cutting out little triangle shapes with a piece of scotch tape.
2. A fresh take on black, try studding your nails. All you need is tiny studs or any kind of decal you fancy. Use a toothpick or tweezers to apply the stud, wait for them to dry and apply a clear top coat for a badass mani. Video tutorial here.
3. I’m crazy about metallic everything. The shinier the better, silver, gold, and gilver the gang is all here. Try butter LONDON’s Diamond Geezer lacquer for a sexy silver look.
4. Lana’s claw nails are super chic, and perfect for that pinup look. To truly get this look, you’ll have to get acrylics. I have totally asked for this exact look, and was very pleased with the results but went back to my natural nails after a couple months. Lots of upkeep is required, but girl if you can maintain this look, rock it!
5. I’ve been seeing this caviar nail look all over the fashion and beauty blogs, but have yet to try it. What do you guys think? Try it yourself with the CiatÉ Caviar Manicure from Sephora.