Last week, on one of the hottest days of the year, I ventured solo to The Vineyard in West Linn to check out this year's offerings from The Street of Dreams. With six different houses all hovering around 1 million dollar asking prices, attendees were able to catch a glimpse of how rich people live. All of the houses had unique features, but the similarities included more bathrooms than bedrooms, outdoor living spaces with televisions (not to mention televisions in pretty much every room,) and intercom systems playing music, so no matter what room you are in you will never miss a beat of that Billy Joel song you will invariably be blasting if you lived in one of these homes. Some of the unique features included an elevator, a DIY brewery, an exercise room with it's own private bathroom and shower, and two of the houses had spaces devoted specifically to gift wrapping.

Okay, it may sound like I am being sarcastic and knocking it, and part of me is, but I do really like going to The Street of Dreams every year and checking out the latest advancements in home building. I just think that maybe it's a little much. Do people really need that much space to live, and so many televisions and bathrooms? On the up side all of the homes featured sustainable elements, with one home even being Earth Advantage Platinum Certified, and there were some moments where I wished I could pick-up the amazing room I was in and attach it to my own house (they were mostly bathrooms, of which my own 1920's built house only has one.)

To summarize, I think this year's Street of Dreams is worth visiting, as you will most likely find a few things you actually really like and can use as inspiration for your own home. Better do it quick though, the last day is August 26th.

Awesome walk-in shower.

Really great indoor/outdoor living space.

Interesting light fixture.

I love this stained glass sliding door.

For when you just cant agree on which television show to watch.
  • Elizabeth Mollo
  • For when you just can't agree on which television show to watch.

Great shower...

... with added bamboo and rock feature.

Home brewery, for those who arent lazy enough to just go to the store and buy it.
  • Elizabeth Mollo
  • Home brewery, for those who aren't lazy enough to just go to the store and buy it.