Way back last summer, a Facebook page for something called the Portland Fashion & Style Awards appeared on the 'nets, threatening to throw an awards show for the industry this past January. That never happened, but PFSA has a real web site now, and this time they're saying they're going to for real throw down on October 5 at the Schnitz—polls are even open now so you can nominate for each of the categories (best designer/salon/makeup artist/boutique/etc.).

Although it came out of nowhere-ish (its headquarters appeared to be in Vancouver, at one point, and none of the major players actually working in the industry—in other words, the people who should be represented at an event like this—have had anything to do with it), it's actually the work of Tod Foulke (with Ann Akre), who was once associated with Portland Fashion Week. Reports from the school suggest that the apparel design students at Ai, at least, are buzzing about it, but I fully anticipate it to make the first year of the Portland Music Awards look plugged in. That said, I am totally going, because I love a trainwreck, and you know, research, and the fact that we didn't do "Worst Night Ever" this summer.

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