With vendors like L O W E L L, Julia Barbee, Reif, Clever Nettle and Octopus Books, Portland's annual Mississippi Flea drew a sexy, styling crowd. Here are some snapshots:


Sarah of Sea Echo stopped by with a freshly designed clutch tucked under her arm and a freshly dyed lavender coif. Also, her Solestruck boots sort of re-define our concept of the buckle shoe. Hot.


Anja's Blue Hawaii vibes and sweet smile break my heart a little.


With pastels and brights in heavy circulation, Kim of PDX Black Lipstick Co. kept it minimalist goth, black lipstick and umbrella included.


And this guy was representin' the lady of the hour Lindsey Reif, in one of her signature turbans. HOW do you make that turban look so good Arian? Could be the motorcycle...