As sad and ironic as it is, there are fewer things less sexy than a wedding trade show. The money and competition, the saccharine coating, the mini-cupcake samples—it's too much. But as wedding season rounds the bend of its 2012 victory lap, a new wedding show, Spoken For, is threatening to set new standards of appeal and taste with a carefully curated lineup of vendors on September 22 at Sandbox Studio.

  • Beam & Anchor

Goorin Bros., Julia Barbee, Lille Boutique, Seaworthy, Boy's Fort, and Union/Pine are just a few of the names involved in this wonderland of "food and drink tastings, inspirational displays and art, lounge areas, [and] pop-up shoppes." Even if you're not planning a wedding, this just sounds like a good mash-up of environs for decor inspiration and hosting ideas, and you can get going on it now with the Spoken For blog, which is full of tantalizing profiles of participants. Even the poster is gorgeous: