ECSTASY, the Portland-based blog/record label/party series, curated a dance party called SHADE on Friday August 24th showcasing contemporary vogue-house and ballroom sounds, with special guest MikeQ plus The Miracles Club, DJ Beyonda, and Magic Mouth band member and host Lady Serendipity Jones.

For those unfamiliar with the ballroom house scene: it's a mostly black, gay dance scene synonymous with New York and New Jersey and competitive dancing; in the '90s, the scene's emphasis on "throwing shade" — one queen giving attitude to another — reached new levels, and dancers battled on the floor for the glory of their house (House of Coco), in the spirit of a model representing a fashion house on the catwalk.

The energy in the room was electric! I swear I was really at a New York underground party with the beautiful children of night. Truly a great night in Portland music history with all sorts of people coming together in pure ecstasy!

and as if the night wasn't already at its height, here comes Mad Decent's newest artist Nicky Da B on the mic!

Here is what I was able to capture!

Nicky Da B

Rusty Lazer, Nicky Da B and Big Freedias tour DJ
  • Coco Madrid
  • Rusty Lazer, Nicky Da B and Big Freedia's tour DJ

Lady Serendipity Jones

Divo Dynamo Isaiah Tillman


Party Girl