Never have I even pondered the idea of waiting outside of a store in some long line to be the first to gain the spoils of a product launch, until now. Nars is teaming up with the Andy Warhol Foundation to release a limited edition make-up collection inspired by and covered with images created by the iconic artist. The launch will be split into two, where the first, released on October 1st and sold in Sephora, will be an ode to Warhol's pop art (Debbie Harry, Soup Cans, etc.) The second release, available on November 1st and sold in department and specialty stores, pays homage to The Factory with much of the color palette and packaging being silver, black, and white. I seriously can't wait for this collection to come out, and I will throw down to get my hands on it if need be.

  • Nars

via WWD