You win some and you lose some in the world of come and go retail, but today we win: Demimonde Jewelry has been housed as part of the Haunt collective at 811 E Burnside as of late, but perhaps as soon as next week designer Rachael Donaldson will open up a solo Demimonde shop at 2428 NE Broadway.

Not just any line of jewelry can support a full store. It has to be distinct, strong, and prolific. Not the kind of thing you merchandise as a compliment to clothing, but pieces that really speak for themselves. Donaldson's work, in my opinion, has been getting steadily more impressive over the past few years, and it will be very exciting to see her stretch her wings even further.

And, she won't be totally alone. According to an announcement made on the Demimonde Facebook page, Donaldson is also bringing in "local designers, lots of vintage jewelry and few indulgent finds from around the world..."

You can tell by her designs that the girl has incredible taste. The idea of seeing her curated space makes my pulse quicken, and NE Broadway is overdue for some excitement.

Stay tuned for more info and a definitive opening date!