Yesterday evening I had the privilege of attending a little soiree at Duchess, where they previewed their men's suiting looks for Fall. It's a bit of experiment for them. Historically they've stuck to custom orders from their selection of vintage-inspired designs, but this season they decided to try doing more off the rack styles. They're also poised to launch the first of their era-specific collections, a Victorian inspired batch that's due out next month.


The two complete new looks for the fall season:

A row of shirts that promises a fall palette of muted color. Ya don't have to dress darkly just because summer's over!



I love the thoughtful details on Duchess' designs, inside and out.

More good news is that Duchess shot a beautiful lookbook of the collection, which I'll post when it's available to make up for my amateur photography. Also, this influx of off-the-rack options gives you more of an excuse to drop in to the shop, which is one of my favorite shop spaces in the city, with its vintage tiled showroom floor, exposed brick, and crumbling pillars. Plus it's filled with romantic curios like a vintage-suitcase sound system by local company Case of Bass and an ornate antique telephone.