Truth be told, I have been so busy with all the Portland fashion events (both going to them and planning them) that I have not seen one full collection from New York Fashion Week. I have been keeping up with the news from NYFW and have seen scattered images of the collections, and while it seems like business as usual (Everyone LOVED the Alexander Wang collection, Thom Browne's presentation was over the top, etc.) one presentation stood out because of one little accessory. Google Glasses. You may remember the video they came out with when they were launched last May. Personally I thought they were kind of wacky and would bring me one step closer to becoming part of The Borg, but apparently I was wrong. The fashion forward crowd, namely Diane Von Furstenberg who collaborated with the Google Glasses Project, are seemingly picking them up as the newest tech accessory. Some of Von Furstenberg's models walked down the runway donning the glasses during the presentation, and even the grand lady herself wore them during the show, recording everything for a short film. So what do we think about this new fangled gadget? We already look at our phones most of our waking hours anyway, why not just attach the thing to our heads and call it a day?

Model wearing Google Glasses at Diane Von Furstenberg during NYFW.
  • NY Mag
  • Model wearing Google Glasses at Diane Von Furstenberg during NYFW.

Source: NY Mag