I know shit-all about Lana Del Rey, but when Kayla says I should be impressed with her, I'm impressed with her. Then Lana goes and stars in this David Lynch-arific H&M ad, and I find myself loving this lovely.

Off-the-cuff notes:
* Lana Del Rey's nom de chanteuse seems like it might be a reference to the Mulholland Drive-mesmerizing Rebekah Del Rio.
* There seems to be references to Lynch's Twin Peaks, Blue Velvet, Inland Empire, and surprisingly no reference to Wild at Heart in this H&M ad.
* Why does everyone have the buttercream-fondant skin of a kewpie doll in this ad and this campaign from Urban Outfitters?

Del Rey, along with nearly every young beautiful creature out there (and the businesses who sell to them), is tits-over-teakettle in love with all things David Lynch lately. Twin Peaks references, a Lynch appearance on Louie, theme nights at Holocene, Netflix queues... oh, the list is lengthy. I'm loving it, personally. There's been some great writing over on Grantland about Lynchvania, like this spectacular piece from Alex Pappademas about the 20th anniversary of Fire Walk with Me, the troubled prequel to the TV series Twin Peaks. Then Grantland has this podcast interview with Kyle MacLachlan. Seems that being Lynchian is very fashionable as of late. I guess I was 20 years ahead of the curve, or just old. Yeah, probably just old.

h/t to Portland's Pretty, Mt. Tabor Runners Boot Camp, and Alex Zielinski for some of those links.