I watched the Emmy's on Sunday night, and while it was kind of a yawnfest, both in terms of the show itself and the fashion, one dress at the very end made the three-hour show that was mostly commercials worth it. While she did not win any awards (and was not even nominated) the big Emmy winner of the night in my book was Lucy Liu in her gorgeous cyborg-disco gown made by Atelier Versace. I mean seriously, what kind of materials is that dress made of? And more importantly, will someone please make it possible for me to own it? Amazing cyborg-disco (yes, that is a legitimate style of the future that I made up) gown aside, her overall look was perfect. With a dress that out of this world, she was smart to go simple with the hair and make-up. Not since Cate Blanchett's Givenchy Couture gown from the Oscars last year I have swooned so much over an award show dress. So bravo Lucy, and hopefully you have inspired other stars to take a risk at the next award show.