Saturday’s event at Sandbox Studio was a mahjor success. It was the first wedding event my group of girlfriends went to with one of our besties who just recently got engaged, and I’m happy to report it was a blast (even for us gals with no pending nuptials in sight) We spent hours tasting every cake, cupcake, and appetizer while sipping on delish cocktails by Tender Bar. Our bride-to-be got the 411 on invitations, locations, photographers, hair, makeup and accessories. Some of our favorite booths included the lovely Julia Barbee, The Meadow (whose salt we just ate plain, it was so damn good), D'art Photographie, and Kelly Peach from WindowWall Salon. It’s no question that Spoken For should be an annual event, bringing together the very best of Portland’s makers, designers, creatives and everything in between necessary to make your big (or small) day everything you’ve ever dreamed of.