I'm always excited when fellow Ai alumn launches their own line (so, those degrees are actually worth something), and the latest talent to do so is Rachael Kranick, who garnered some attention last year while still a student by winning the Vitamin Water challenge at the Merc's 2011 Open Season show. Her new line, Simply Wasting Time, consists of cute and breezy super-versatile dresses in various boho prints, and writslets to go with them. The collection has a very spring/summer feel to it, but the dresses can also be worn with layers for fall.

Kranick decided to launch her own line right now because, "There's so much going on in my head, if I didn't get some of it out I would explode!" She adds that she's "got several ideas in the works so there's definitely more to come!" The entire collection, which is very affordable, can be purchased on etsy (see link above).

Check out some of the goods:

Miranda Dress

Renee Dress

Serenity Wristlet

Whimsy Wristlet