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Neon Eyeliner: Is the cat eye your go-to morning makeup trick? Kick it up a notch by switching out your everyday black or brown with something bright and fun. I love to do a bright blue, electric green, or bold yellow. And you don’t have to spend a lot to try out something new; hit up your local Freddies, Walgreens, or whatevs to scope out the selection by Wet n Wild or other cheapies.

Vampy lips: It sounds pretty dramatic, but try a dark lip ranging from kinda bold to extra daring with hues varying from blackberry all the way to black. Keep the rest of your look neutral to avoid looking like an actual goth.

Hair Extensions: Call me crazy, but I’m super excited about clip-in extensions. Over the past couple of years affordable, natural looking options have become readily available. Look for some locally at Mid-K Beauty. Super long has never looked so hot.