I spent yesterday afternoon down at Portland Sewing, filming a segment for their preview coverage of Portland fashion week/FASHIONxt, with host Ifanyi Bell and Joshua Buck, designer for Chicago Harper and one of the most interesting Portland designers to not to be showing at FASHIONxt. I was glad to see the focus on Buck as an extension of the piece outside the event itself because 1) the representation of Portland design isn't very strong (they had filmed, separately, with Becky Ross as well, a local designer and Project Runway veteran—the latter demographic one that is represented very well). And 2) Buck is one of the most interesting designers working in town, and one of the few doing menswear apparel that walks the line between wearable and experimental.

The segment is airing on OPB this Thursday at 8 pm, if you want to see a quick hit of me trying to articulate FASHIONxt re-branded effort to fuse an interest in new fashion design with new personal technology development, and a preview of Buck's Spring collection, including a pair of neon orange pants made specially for Bell to wear during the shoot. C'mon, I brushed my hair and everything.

Ifanyi: Pulls off neon pants surprisingly well.
  • Ifanyi: Pulls off neon pants surprisingly well.